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Henna Brows

  1. Henna Brows is a form of eyebrow tint that not only attaches to brow hair but also the skin beneath and in areas where hair growth has ceased. This gives the illusion of depth and fullness, while filling in any spareness. Henna itself is a natural dye made from hina. It’s has been around for thousands of years in aesthetics.


The process starts with brow mapping and designing/sketching a brow which is shown to the client for approval. We have a variety of shades to choose from, all the way from blonde to dark.  Henna is then applied and left to harden for about 15 minutes. Unwanted hair is removed via Sugaring. Brows are then cleansed and conditioned with our special brow aftercare oil. Finishing by tweezing any left over hair. Initial procedure takes about 45 minutes.


We recommend you do not get brows wet or apply makeup to them for 24 hours after service. Henna brows usually last between 2-4 weeks depending on your skin care type and skin care routine. Brows last longer when they are not exfoliated or scrubbed with cleansers. It's ecommended to use tea tree oil for optimal results. 


Clients who want to continue henna brow + sugaring have the option to do a 3 week follow up where brows will be groomed and henna reapplied for - $30. Clients who go over the 3 week mark and wish to rebook will have to rebook as an initial visit as mapping and design will need to be redone. - $60

Henna Brows is a great alternative to filling in your brows daily. Whether you are losing hair, brows are sparse or you just want the ease of no daily filling in. Henna is a safe, noninvasive way to have beautiful defined eyebrows.

Note* henna is vegan and eco friendly. This product is not tested on animals.