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The Boutique Salon Suites Inc




*please understand these are mandated by the government and are not optional


Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment and wait in your car. Ring the doorbell when your appointment time comes. I will meet you at the door. In the rare/strange event that I am in the treatment room, please feel free to dart back to your car and text 693 9802. I will text back when I am ready to open the door.

No late appointments can be taken at this time. If you cannot make the parking lot 5 minutes before your appointment time, you will need to reschedule. 

Only those receiving services will be allowed in. Exception: if mom is accompanying a minor.

 No shows will be charged a re-booking fee.

Personal Items

Only 1 small personal item allowed such as a small purse.

No coffee cups,  loose articles, large bags.

There will be no cell phone use during your appointment. 

For hair services, You will be asked to put your coat and your personal item in a disinfected bin.

For sugaring services, you need to bring a reusable shopping bag that can stand alone and have an open top such as a sobey's bag (best size) to hold your clothing and your personal items during your service.


You will be required to wear a disposable surgical mask with ear loops. If you do not have one, I will provide one for 1.00$ 

( Homemade masks are not advisable as they will likely be stained with color during hair services and are hard to breathe in during sugaring services )

Please enter with mask on and sanitize at the station.

All sugaring services will be using single use sheets, and towels. These will be recycled in Ontario and not go to the landfill.

All hair services will be usung one-time use capes and towels. These will be recycled in Ontario and not go to the landfill.

Safety Fee

Please note a $3.00 safety fee will be applied to each service as well as a 2% environmental fee during Covid-19. 


This allows us to handle your safety, as well as allow us to continue our environmental obligations by recycling all ppe equipment used to keep you safe.

Safety and environmental commitments are our priority. 

A note on measures

Feel safe knowing that 

-All capes, towels, bed linens have not been shared and used by you only.

-All personal articles belonging to clients will be contained.

-Every "touchable" surface will be disinfected between clients.

-All tools will be disinfected/ sanitized between clients.

-Every client and beautician will wear a mask.

-Every provider will contain in their own suite, doors closed.

-Clients will be able to be distant from one another.

My personal message of kindness

LOVE our private conversations, our confident meaningful discussions, chats, life solving natters, book loving chinwags. This will be so so different....

By far, the hardest thing to ask a stylist, trade expert, esthetician, consultant, counselor, friend, dear friend, woman, mom to do is to go faceless and no contact. 

Everything I know about being a woman. Being me hinges on my connection to the world and to you. My expressions won't be visable through a mask but you need to know I am still there for you. Promise.

We are all teetering on half crazy-life turned upside down. 'In this together' is getting old. Rules suck. Brene Brown woud call this FFT. First (bleeping) Time. In honour of FFT and trying my best, I really appreciate your kindness and understanding.

Respecting wierd rules may just be our THANG right now. Most are government imposed, some are what I need to feel safe. Please allow me that. We both deserve to feel safe. 

Cannot wait to see you all!

COVID-19 Liability Waiver

You must sign and submit this the day BEFORE your appointment

Waiver Form