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Why You Should Try The Vajacial!

If you haven’t already heard, we are excited to announce our brand new service, the Vajacial! :)

The Vajacial treats those pesky in-grown hairs, removes dead skin cells, smooths bumps around the bikini line, prevents acne, and helps to maintain healthy, hydrated skin. Once you've tried it once, we promise you will be hooked. We have already seen so many amazing results and the difference that you'll notice is huge! Read on and we will cover all the benefits of the Vajacial!

Say goodbye to ingrowns!- One of the most sought after benefits of the Vajacial is the removal of ingrowns hairs. A professional esthetician will gently extract the hair, leaving your skin hair and scar-free. Ingrowns in the Brazilian area can genuinely be the most awful ingrowns, and it’s not regularly something you should do at home. After your Vajacial, you will leave the salon ingrown free, maybe for the first time in years!

Great Exfoliation: Just like a regular facial, the Vajacial provides you with a great exfoliation. Dead skin cells and dryness can build up over time, causing dull-looking skin. This layer also makes it hard for hair to grow through and can cause ingrowns. Fix this by coming in for a vajacial, and you’ll leave with soft, glowing skin!

Hydration: A Vajacial will leave your skin well-hydrated, soft, and incredibly smooth! Just like a good exfoliation, well-hydrated skin makes it easier for ingrowns to pop through. As we all know good hydration helps slow the aging of your skin, and the vagina is no exception!

Prevents Acne: Acne can pop up anywhere, and this is especially true for the bikini area! Unlike other typical acne areas, the bikini area is typically covered and doesn’t get much time to breathe, this can further compound any acne problems. A Vajacial provides a nice deep cleaning, preventing acne before it even becomes a problem.

Enjoy a Hydrojelly Mask: For our Vajacials, we use an amazing hydrojelly mask that we love to admit is a lot of fun! This mask has a ton of benefits including hydration, smoothing, moisturizing, cleansing, exfoliating, and toning the skin. Did we mention it also helps with ingrowns?

So there you have it! Isn’t it time you give yourself a little extra care and try something new? Spoil yourself, or even a friend! The vajacial makes a great gift for friends that have been recently married. (or even recently divorced!) Give us a call or stop in and ask about our gift certificates!

The Benefits of Sugaring

If you haven’t tried sugaring, you are missing out! This service is as sweet as sugar and a great way to remove hair for up to an entire month. One appointment, and you won’t have to worry about shaving any longer!

So what makes sugar so great? A Lot of people believe sugaring and waxing are the same. While they are very similar services, there are some reasons I love sugaring more than anything else!

For anyone who knows me, you know I am OBSESSED with using only eco-friendly and low waste products, whenever I have the option. Sugaring is the perfect eco-friendly option. There are no strips wasted, no sticks used, and even the sugar itself is easily biodegradable. In fact, it completely dissolves when it comes in contact with water. I can also use wayyyy less product. One ball of sugar lasts me a very long time, sometimes for the entire service!

On the topic of sugar being water-soluble, have you ever had a waxing appointment and had sticky bits of wax left over? Got home, hopped in the shower, and had to scrub it off like crazy? Thankfully, sugar is way easier to get off. You probably won’t have any left on you after your appointment, but in case you do, it comes off easily with a bit of water. Easy!

Now let’s get down to the actual results. Sugaring is a natural exfoliant. When I am removing your hair, dead skin cells are also removed with it, though functional cells remain untouched. This gives you smooth, well-exfoliated legs with less of the redness you see with waxing and none of the skin damage!

Have you ever been burned by wax? Well, not with sugar! Sugar is minimally heated, and if it were ever hot enough to burn, it would be a liquid goop that I wouldn’t even be able to remove from the sugar jar!

The technique itself is also game-changing. Sugar is removed in the direction of hair growth. This leads to less breakage and results that last for longer!

Last but not least, I use only the best body sugaring paste available, SugarSMAC. SugarSMAC professional sugaring paste is made in Canada, with an ingredient list of only lemon, sugar, and water!

Not convinced? Come try it out for yourself and you will see the amazing results you will get from sugaring!

Benefits of Dry-Brushing

The Benefits of Dry-Brushing

After sugaring (or any other form of hair removal!), it is important to exfoliate. There are many ways to do so, from sugar scrubs to exfoliating gloves, loofahs to pumice stones. One of the options we highly recommend is dry-brushing.

How to Dry-Brush

Dry-brushing should be done daily for best result, or at a minimum twice per week to avoid ingrown hairs. You can brush your entire body, starting from your outer extremities and brushing inwards towards your heart. When brushing, apply a small amount of pressure, however, it should not be painful. After a session, your skin should be slightly pink, but if it is red you are applying too much pressure and need to lighten up. Keep in mind there are special brushes available for facial exfoliation. Do not use your regular dry-brush on your face, as the regular brushes will be too coarse for your delicate facial skin.

Benefits of Dry-Brushing

1. Detoxification:

Dry-brushing assists your body with detoxification. This is done by increasing blood circulation and therefore promoting lymph flow and drainage. Many lymph vessels are located directly under the skin. Therefore, dry-brushing regularly helps stimulate lymph flow, allowing the body to detoxify naturally.

2. Exfoliation:

Exfoliation tends to be the main reason people start dry-brushing. After all, it is incredibly important to exfoliate after any form of hair removal, including sugaring, waxing, and shaving. Exfoliation removes the outer layer of dead skin cells to prevent hairs from becoming ingrown on regrowth. After dry-brushing, your skin will feel incredibly smooth and soft! Dry-brushing also does not remove moisture from your skin, as is typical with wet exfoliation. Dry-brushing is also recommended on the face, to stimulate collagen production and keep your skin looking young.

3. Temporary Cellulite Reduction:

The act of dry brushing is said to soften fat deposits just below the skin. The fat deposits are more evenly distributed, helping to diminish the appearance of cellulite. This act is temporary however, and the decreased cellulite will normalize over a day or two. While the effects are temporary, dry-brushing can be useful if you are looking to lower the appearance of cellulite for an event, or if you dry-brush on a regular basis.

4. Improving Kidney Function:

Naturopaths agree that dry-brushing benefits go even further beneath the skin in that dry-brushing aids in kidney function and digestion. Massaging of the lymph nodes helps the body shed excess waters and toxins, improving digestion and kidney function, and helping you feel lighter and less bloated.

5. Energy Boost:

Ask anyone who regularly dry-brushes and they will tell you it is extremely invigorating! It is not known why you will get a huge energy boost from dry-brushing, but many people swear by this unique phenomenon.

Though this energy boost is great in the mornings, we suggest timing your sessions so as not to do them directly before you head to bed!

Interested in giving it a try? Stop in and we would love to answer any questions you may have!


Another option for exfoliation is our amazing Silk Scrub from Fur. 

Key Ingredients:

The silk scrub uses Jojoba Beads. Jojoba beads are an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic beads, as well as a natural exfoliator. Other ingredients include papaya and pineapple enzymes to remove dead skin, glycolic acids to brighten uneven skin tones, and clary sage oil to soothe redness and irritation.

No matter what products you decide to use, exfoliation is important to fight ingrowns before they happen. Removing the dead skin cells will allow the new hairs to easily grow out of the follicle, instead of remaining underneath the skin.

Ingrown Concentrate: 

If you are looking to get rid of redness, bumps, and ingrown hairs, then ingrown concentrate is the perfect product for you.

This product is designed to work as a spot treatment on the areas that cause you the greatest issues. 

Key Ingredients: This product is created with a variety of key ingredients, including coconut oil to deeply penetrate the hair follicle to eradicate dryness while speeding up the body’s healing process. It also makes use of tea tree oil for its antimicrobial properties and chamomile extract, one of the world's oldest known remedies for irritated skin.

How To Use: 

In the shower, use the finger mitt (found in the Ingrown Concentrate box) to exfoliate, focusing on ingrowns or areas you know could use a little extra buff. Out of the shower, apply a few drops of Ingrown Concentrate on ingrowns, bumps, razor burn, or angry skin.

We love our Fur products, but like any skincare line, they aren’t for everyone. For those of you who prefer to try something else, we carry Bushbalm. Bushbalm is a Canadian owned and operated company that carries a great line of aftercare products. Bushbalm uses the highest quality oils, and in higher quantities than most skincare lines. We carry an array of their products, including Bermuda oil, body polish, and their sweet escape oil.

Still confused as to which products are best for you? Stop in and we will be happy to help you sort your aftercare routine!

Caring For Your Freshly Sugared Skin

Sugaring is a gentle process that will leave your skin soft and smooth. Not only does it remove more of the hair than most other methods, but it gives your skin a gentle, natural exfoliation at the same time.

No matter what method of hair removal you choose, sugar included, you still need to care for your skin, in order to get the best results. Properly caring for your freshly sugared skin can help you avoid bumps, ingrown hairs, and dry skin.

Following the proper aftercare routine can be tough sometimes. There’s a ton of products and advice out there on what to use and when to use it. We've written this blog to help you navigate your options and decide which products are best for you!

Dry- Brushing:

To start off, there are some basics that will apply to you, no matter your skin type. The first of these; you need to exfoliate! 48 hours after your sugaring appointment, you will need to start exfoliating. One of your options is to try dry-brushing, which provides a variety of benefits, one of which is exfoliation. 

Signature Fur Oil:

Another amazing product for use post-sugaring is the Signature Fur oil. Fur oil will keep your skin silky smooth and ingrown free. Fur oil is a 100% natural, vegan, cruelty-free, facial-grade, and both dermatologically and gynecologically tested. It is also free of mineral oils, silicones, parabens, synthetic fragrances, and artificial dyes. 

Key Ingredients: 

It doesn’t have any of the bad stuff, but the best part is the good stuff it is packed full of! These ingredients include grape seed oil, jojoba oil, clary sage, and tea tree oil. Between these four ingredients, Fur oil is packed with vitamins and complexes that are great for your skin and pack a moisturizing punch!

How to use: After a soak or shower, reach for Fur Oil and apply it anywhere you’re feeling dry, or ingrown prone.

Stubble Cream: 

Stubble Cream is an amazing product that does two things at once! Not only does it make regrowth appear soft and fine, but it also doubles as a standalone full body moisturizer. 

Key Ingredients:

Some of the key ingredients to mention include lavender, rich in antioxidants, and olive extracts, packed with vitamin E.

How to Use:

Spread Stubble Cream liberally on clean, dry skin.

These are some of our most popular Fur products, but we have more! Come visit us for recommendations for any other skin problems you would like to address.